The Sugar Bowl Ice Cream Company

The name "Sugar Bowl Ice Cream Company" comes from a business that once stood in downtown Decorah, just across the road on the other side of River Street, where the radio station stands today. The original Sugar Bowl was torn down in 1977, decades before the current building project even began. Craig enjoyed the name and the idea for the current Sugar Bowl Ice Cream Company was born. To read more about the original building, and see pictures of it, come visit us downtown today! You can find parts of the original Sugar Bowl sign (including a blue sugar bowl) right inside our main entrance.


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About The Owner

Nathan Todd

Nathan grew up with his parents and sister in Fort Madison Iowa, across the street from his grandmother's 300-acre farm. His pastimes have always involved exploring their land and spending time with his family, but everyone who knows him well knows his love for baseball. After graduating high school in 2005, his passion for playing brought him to Decorah, specifically to be a part of Luther College's baseball team (where he still stands in the top 10 for many of the pitching records). He met his wife Brittany in 2008 after she delivered a picture of him pitching (but that's a story for another day). 


After graduating in 2009 from Luther with a degree in Physical Education, he spent the next 7 years in school districts throughout the area, but knew there was something even better out there for him. After going back to school at Western Governor's University to get a Masters of Science in Management and Leadership, he realized he wanted to start his own business. When the topic came up he tended to lean towards the restaurant realm, but he couldn't quite figure out what direction that would take him. A grad school paper led him to research the changes that may happen if someone were to buy the Sugar Bowl Ice Cream Company, and the more he researched it the more it seemed to fit the family's plan.  


Some would call it a coincidence that it was a photograph that caused them to meet for the first time and now Brittany's studio windows (Photography by Brittany) directly face Sugar Bowl, but they know it was more than fate that brought them together back at Luther. Be sure to say hello when you stop in and if you can't find Nathan or Brittany behind the counter it's most likely due to them spending time with their 3 sons, Carter, Miles & Leyton. They may not be old enough to find a spot on the staff roster, but they are some of the best taste-testers you'll find!


About The Founder

Craig Running


In 1999 Craig Running purchased a building and the lot the Sugar Bowl is currently on, but it didn't stay that way for long. He tore down the existing building and day by day, over the course of 9 years, he built more than just a building, he built a dream into a reality. In 2008 Sugar Bowl Ice Cream Company officially opened, seasonally, and stayed that way under his ownership until May 2017, when he sold the business and building to Nathan Todd. Not only did Craig use his own two hands to build the business, but he also restored many of the items you will find throughout the space today. As you enjoy your delectable treats, you can look around the walls and even on the ceiling to find antique signs, cars, bikes and even working anamitronics! One of the favorites among customers is even a 'life-sized' yoda! Stop in today to find these amazing antiques and so many more.

Open daily from 11AM-10PM
at The Landing (211 College Drive):
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