Meet the Team

He’s been working at Sugar Bowl longer than anyone else on the team (including the current owners), so it’s no surprise that Spencer is one of the most familiar faces behind the counter. As our team manager you’ll find he even gets to be in charge once in awhile. When he’s not playing soccer at @luthercollege you’ll most likely find him dining across the street at @oldarmorybbq, enjoying a Fatter Elvis shake that he created himself, or being nostalgic with a classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich. If he could be an animal he’d be a penguin because they’re always looking dapper and swim really fast. (We see the resemblance...if we squint our eyes a little… ;)) He loves working at Sugar Bowl because it’s a “Great working environment, the bosses are kinda cool (I guess), and the customers are always super friendly.” We think you’re kinda cool too Spencer. Sometimes.

Our youngest employee has been ready to be a part of this staff since his first ice cream cone years ago.He loves it because of its constant and comfortable atmosphere. When he’s not working you’ll find him playing soccer, running cross country or being an amazing big brother to his two toddler/baby siblings.When he’s not enjoying a Cocoa Cream you’ll find him eating cantaloupe by the bucket full. If he was an animal he’d be a falcon because, “they're high on the food chain and very nice to look at.”

Meet Hayden! This choir loving-tennis playing hard-working young man is starting his third season with us. He loves working and being at Sugar Bowl because “it’s such a friendly place!  Everyone who comes in is nice,” and he “loves being friends with my entire fellow staff.” He loves food in general but whenever he gets the chance you’ll find him dining locally at Koreana. When it comes to Sugar Bowl he indulges in Espresso Oreo in any form! If he could be any animal, he’d be a dolphin. We think it’s because dolphins make everyone happy, and meeting Hayden once you’ll see that he makes everyone around him happy too!

Let us introduce you to Caroline, one of our sibling staff members. Caroline is joining us for the second year and we are so thankful for her positive attitude. She likes working here because everyone is so nice, and we would certainly add her to that group as well. She loves eating at Koreana (as does most of our staff!) and also loves noodles and Kitty Kitty Bang Bang on a waffle cone. If she could be any animal she would be a cat, “Mostly just because I love cats and I would have an excuse to nap all day.”

Meet Johanna. Her younger sister Caroline joined our team last year. When you find a gem in a family you search for more and we didn’t have to look too hard for Johanna to jump on board! She already loves being at Sugar Bowl not just for the hard serve ice cream, but also because of the friendly atmosphere and staff. Her favorite local restaurant is Don Jose, but any chance she gets you’ll find her enjoying chicken curry with naan bread or a simple scoop of Cotton Candy ice cream, unless she’s feeling creative by making it into a protein shake. (Why haven’t we thought of this sooner?!) She’s pumped for our new pretzel cone and gives it a thumbs up. If she could be any animal she would be a dolphin because they have freedom of the ocean! Swimming and playing all day somewhere tropical sounds wonderful doesn’t it? (Fun fact: Dolphins actually shut down half of their brain while "sleeping" so that it can stay alert, rest for two hours, then switch to the other half of the brain.)

It’s time to talk about Lauren. She has been with us since our first day, and we’re certainly glad about that! Her personality, sense of humor and sarcasm keeps all of us on our toes. She enjoys working at Sugar Bowl because of the environment. “It’s always fun and a fun place to hang out with friends at”. When she’s not enjoying a banana split you’ll find her treating herself to some sushi at Koreana just up the street. If she could be any animal out there she’d be an armadillo because, “It’s my spirit animal and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.” Apparently she also does a pretty fantastic impression of one. Perhaps next time you see her in the shop she’ll show you how it’s done.

It seems siblings are a thing when it comes to Sugar Bowl staff, and we’re happy to say we wouldn’t have it any other way! Sophie has been on the team almost as long as big brother Spencer, but we’ll let them decide who’s the harder worker, the brains of the bunch or the better looking (we’re pretty sure it’s a solid tie...or at least we’ll let them both think that.) Her favorite local restaurant is Koreana, and if she could be any animal she’d be a dog because they are so full of energy or they sleep all day (both solid choices if you ask us!). It’s no wonder that she works at Sugar Bowl since ice cream is her favorite food, but also because, “I love that everyone is happy, because who wouldn’t be happy when getting ice cream?! I also just love ice cream (and eat wayyyy too much of it)”. Her favorite products are either Sophie’s Chocolate Bomb or the Oreo Overload shake.

Meet one of our newest team members, Abigail. If she’s not indulging in delicious coffee you’ll find her enjoying chocolate in any form. Luckily for her, our ice cream has BOTH so it’s no wonder her favorite flavors are Cappuccino Break and Cookie Dough. When she’s not getting her sweet tooth fix you’ll find her dining locally at @tbockssportsbar or Mabes. She’s been looking forward to working with us because “it's such a fun environment and I love talking with new people! Also, the ice cream is delicious.” If she could be any animal she would be a bird so she could fly!

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